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Flavours - with Gav Liddle from Proof & Company

In our new series of blogs we’re calling Flavours, we ask some of Australasia’s top suppliers about what flavour trends they are hearing about from contacts overseas and making noise in our local markets.

To launch, we caught up with Gav Liddle from Proof & Company.

Gav has recently left the bar managing scene after a good decade of mastering his skills in cocktails and customer service. His last post was helping M Social launch to the Auckland Viaduct. He has now moved to support and drive awareness of the deliciously independent product range provided by Proof & Company who service the APEC region.

Q&A with Gav Liddle from Proof and Company

Q - What flavours do you see playing a big role in winter 2019?

Fermented Flavours/Fermentation - I reckon that this trend will continue to be popular, with more and more online companies (like https://thatfermentedlife.com/) appearing - teaching people how to achieve the same results at home. Awareness of fermentation is ever increasing. I think this doubles up with the “wellness” trend at the moment as well.

Vegetables - I think vegetables crossing over into other categories will be a big thing.

“Pink Flavours” - with the rose explosion in summer time, I think this is likely to continue into the colder months. Pink gin is leading the way, but rose wine will continue popularity despite colder weather. I think the floral, traditionally spring/summer flavours will continue strong throughout winter. Hibiscus.

Bitters - I don’t see this letting up. The Negroni will drag bitter flavours onwards and upwards.

Q - From your book of tricks, what is a cocktail we should all try?


A little play on that classic ‘winter’ drink the Pina Colada...

45ml White Rum
10ml Fino Sherry
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Top with Tepache (see below)

Method: Combine ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Shake & strain over crushed ice in a cold glass.

Finish with Tepache

To make Tepache

Chop up a pineapple, add to mason jar, half cup brown sugar, 4 cups water, spices (cinnamon, cloves etc...anything really) stir until sugar is dissolved then cover and leave in a warm, dry place for 2-3 days.

Once you start to see white foam on the top and it starts to smell funky... It’s ready!

Strain, bottle and enjoy.

View the full recipe HERE .

We’d love to see some of the funky ways you add these flavours to your menu!

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