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From Lemons to G&T's - Logistics

This is the second blog in our From Lemons to G&T’s series - where we look at taking the lemons we’ve been handed with COVID-19, trade smartly during restrictions, and use those lemons in our well deserved gin and tonics at the end of it.

Lessons from pros who’ve learnt in the last few weeks

It’s odd to think that this all started only 5 weeks ago but here we are. Governments around the world have been firing different levels of social serving requirements that have led to some rather innovative ideas. We caught up with a few key operators who are working towards making those G&T’s now.


Impacted with supply chain disruptions from their key suppliers in China, Ecoware have been tackling COVID-19 head-on since November 2019!!

It was 5 weeks ago that we had the chance to host them for a live chat about what impact COVID-19 has made on their operation. We learnt some key tips from their customers as well as tips they had on servicing your customers during these times - from a packaging angle.

Customer TipsKeep it simple - Reduce your offerings and focus on your biggest sellers as well as the most profitable. Not only will you guarantee actual sales of these items but you also save on the different packaging required.

Ecoware Tips
Keep it sustainable - Drop in a little note in your take away bags that explains to the customer how they can recycle the packaging. Be it combustible, recyclable or reusable - provide your customers tips to reduce unneeded wastage.

Delays in supplies - As the country slowly starts to return to normal there will be delays as the logistic companies get the ball rolling again. When we once expected stock to arrive the next day start allowing for 3-4 days.

Fork & Brewer

The talented team at Fork & Brewer quickly pivoted into making hand sanitiser when the country was at a low. Kelly Ryan (Head Brewer) joined us for an hour online on the Here for Hospo page explaining the details around how, why and what goes into making hand sanitiser.

Kelly and his the team also took the challenge of home delivery head-on when the government wouldn’t allow guests on site. Here is what we learnt from Fork & Brewer:

Making Hand Sanitiser: Ideally you’ll find a sanitiser solution that contains peroxyacetic acid. The final formula consists of 80% Ethanol and 0.2% peroxyacetic acid to be effective against the COVID-19 virus #funfact

Going delivery:

“We never anticipated a global pandemic to halt our operations at Fork but we adapted quickly to the change and we delivered beer and food during the various levels of lockdown. Delivering our beer to our customers houses was rewarding and we were delighted with the response. Beer being deemed essential certainly helped us get through some of the uncertainty and some revenue coming in. Pick up options were and still continue to be popular for us at Fork. Our beers are still available for delivery via the Regulr app and we still have some customers using our service which is fantastic” -

Kieran O’Malley (GM @ Fork & Brewer)


It just so happened that this winter Miann were looking to launch their winter garden tables. These outdoor glass boxes nailed the COVID-19 requirements for bubble service to a tee. We heard from Miann owner - Brian Campbell on how he, his wife and their team have been taking on single service challenges across their venues and how they’ve been able to have a little fun with it.

The Glass BubblesLocated @miannchocolatefactory these incredible bubbles have brought a new exciting way to dine while keeping distance; one of the great ways that Brian and his team are taking on the bubble restrictions (and also winter).

If you are in Auckland and want an incredible dessert experience then book a bubble at Miann here.

The Safe Hands Initiative

We are offering the Safe Hands Initiative to help hospo operators (like you) trade during the restrictions in place for COVID-19. New Zealand will be moving off Safe Hands on 21/07/20. If you’re not on it already, reach out for a chat.