Bustle used to be posBoss. Find out about the change.

Introducing Bustle: The New Chapter for posBoss

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey: posBoss is evolving into Bustle.  

This evolution is a result of our collaboration with the creative minds at Previously Unavailable, the innovation studio behind the likes of Vend, Timely and others.  

Our aim is for this to encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the hospitality industry we love. 

A New Vibe Begins 

Our platform has undergone a transformation, now boasting vivid colors, exceptional illustrations by talented artists, and content that resonates deeply with the soul of our customers — independent hospitality owners. These changes are not just aesthetic; they're a reflection of our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Why Bustle? 

The name Bustle reflects the lively, dynamic nature of the cafes, bars, and restaurants we serve. It's a homage to the relentless energy of the hospitality sector and our dedication to enhancing your success within it. With Bustle, we're not just introducing a new name but ushering in an era of enhanced features designed to amplify your success, and help you serve more good times! 

New Brand, but Same Team 

Our transformation into Bustle brings a fresh vibe, but our core remains unchanged. We are the same New Zealand-based team of hospitality and tech aficionados committed to simplifying your operations and amplifying your growth. Our new brand symbolizes our refreshed energy and unwavering dedication to you, our community.

FAQ for our customers 

We’re delighted to continue this journey with you, under a new banner that celebrates the hustle and bustle of hospitality. Check out our FAQ here. As always, we're here to support you, so feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.

Let's make more good times happen,

The Bustle Team