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Scarf Winter Dinners 2019 - continuing to transform lives through hospitality

It was a chilly, Melbourne mid-winter Tuesday when we stepped off the tram at the top of Collins to the glowing neon beams above us lighting the way to UNCLE.

This is our second round supporting these legends of the hospo community - and once again they didn’t disappoint.

We traversed the stairs to be greeted by the team and were quickly whisked to our seats. There was an electricity in the air and it wasn’t just the lighting. The team were buzzing, both mentors and trainees were excited - having fun together and with customers.

The Scarf Dining Experience

This time we decided to go to the early session; so we could sit back and watch the crowd grow. It didn’t take long for the room to get busy - putting the team right under the pump.

Later that evening, we learnt that the mentor team were 2 down (due to the dreaded lurgy going around); but the team still didn’t skip a beat, and managed the crowd like pro’s!

As always, the Scarf Community team were backed by an awesome partner restaurant and kitchen team. The UNCLE chefs were banging out the meals - our faves of the night being the popcorn chicken Bao (with the softest bread EVER) and the comfort inducing waygu brisket with rice roll; but the other dishes were also mouth wateringly delish!

We love the way the trainees are firstly shown how to complete service tasks and then asked to complete these tasks themselves under the mentor’s supervision. It creates a great learning platform in a live (and forgiving) environment.

We were well looked after all night by Michael (mentor legend) and Liz (trainee extraordinaire) and it was great to see both of them enthusiastic about service and making our night great.

The posBoss tills were getting a great workout and it was great to see our Emoji Logins as well as the Table Layout glowing subtly in the distance. Mentors deftly guided the trainees through the ordering and payment processes on the two payment tills, making for a smooth exit with a full belly and a grin on our faces.

Anyone in Melbourne hospo looking for a new staff member with great training and enthusiasm? Look no further than these future legends!

But don’t just take our word for it… Book in your own Scarf Community dining experience HERE and show your support.