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Why a great Digital Menu is key to patrons walking in the door!

Do you know how many people check out your menu before deciding to visit?

If you don’t have a digital menu online for your hospitality business, the chances are high you're missing out on customers…

These days, there’s a decent possibility that customers have already looked you up online & made their decision to eat at your venue well before walking through your doors. Stats vary across platforms but they all agree it's high (70-85% on average, and increasing year on year). Potential customers check out your reviews, your website, your socials, and yes - your menu.

77% of diners visit restaurant websites before going

“The biggest factor behind diners’ decisions to visit a restaurant after looking at its website was the items on its menu.”

“33% of consumers were discouraged by a difficult-to-navigate website, and 30% were because the restaurant’s website looked old or out of date.”

How’s your competition looking?

Check out your local competition online. How do their menus look when you search for them? In our research, we found a LOT of online menus were in PDF format or were badly taken pictures by customers.

Shadows and light flares - the mainstay of online menus…

Can you tell how up-to-date online menus are?

The feedback we received from surveying the general public was that they had no confidence that the menus and pricing they saw when browsing a venue’s website was up to date. It gave them a general indication of what to expect from a visit, but little else.

Then came the pandemic - where no one wanted to use hard copy menus any more and ordering from the table became a growing trend.

We understand that while running a business, maintaining your online presence isn't your highest priority, but it’s important to remember that it's one of the first points of contact between you and your customers. posBoss has devised a simple solution for our customers to get their live menu online in front of millions of hungry eyes…

The amazing menu at Verdure  - See it live here!

Making a ‘live’ impression with your menu

Even a digital menu needs to be updated, but with posBoss your digital (online) menu updates automatically as your menu changes. It is VERY quick and easy to get your existing posBoss menu online for all to see. And, as a bonus, you can showcase popular items or specials at the top of the menu by setting up an enticing item picture and description using our SOGUI Promotions.

Your live posBoss menu can be displayed online in a number of ways. You can link customers to your live online menu with a QR code printed for your tables, a direct link from your socials, or display your menu ‘in full’ on your website.

The Grind Kitchen and Bar - Menu last updated date  + click to book by phone

What’s next?

Now that you can display your live menu online and entice patrons better than ever, we have more exciting plans to not only help you get your menu seen, but to help reduce your staffing costs.

Next on the list is to provide payments for tables with our new and exciting TablePay functionality, and then we’re looking at extending the power of your promotions with SOGUI (our Food & Beverage dating app - coming soon)

Keep your eye on this space, it’s gonna get spicy!
Learn more about SOGUI

Check out our SOGUI demo menu and some of the amazing menus of our customers…
Verdure,  The Grind Kitchen and Bar,  Pasta & Cuore, The Beach House, The Hurunui Hotel.