Bustle used to be posBoss. Find out about the change.

Why Make The Change to posBoss? - with Dave from Coffee Embassy, Christchurch.

Dave from Embassy Coffee has spent the last 15 years working his way up from bar work to baristing to owning successful coffee shops, cafes and the roastery.

Dave, and business partner Andy, started with Lumes Coffee shop in 2009 on Lichfield street right above Smash Palace, and used Fair trade beans from Underground Coffee (Andy having been a roaster there). They made a strong start and after the setback of the Sep 2011 quakes, moved out of the Red Zone to form Lumes 2.0 - which became Embassy Coffee - supplying tasty beans to cafes & offices around the country as well as small online orders.

Dave and Andy are driven by the quality and education of their product. They believe coffee should be focused around quality and the people behind it all - from crop to cup.  And they also love to get involved with the Christchurch community.

We were keen to understand Dave’s thoughts and the story about why he moved from the old legacy PoS systems to posBoss and how the transition was. It went a little something like this…

What made you decide to go with posBoss instead of staying with your old system?

It came down to two things - Price & potential for growth.

Personally, when I made the change, I saw that posBoss had more potential to grow than an existing product which is already struggling to keep up with the times. Like the new integration with Regulr - it can be added onto a PoS system just like that, whereas the older systems would have a lot of difficulties trying to do that.

How did you find changing over to posBoss?

Super Easy! It took all of a day once we got our hardware. Set-up was about 1 hour to build our entire menu, linking our hardware took 30mins; and 10mins going through the system with our staff was all it took to get us up and running that day!  

I had some loyalty points on my old system but I went brave and told the loyal customers they had “3 months to use your loyalties because I’m changing”. They understood and now I use a simple coffee card.

Yeah I did have to get new printers (you can even get second hand ones) but considering the usual difficulties and costs around hardware, it was actually very easy.

Having an app based product also has a big advantage if you’re selling the business etc. You’ll always find a use for an iPad and can sell the printers second hand. I have 2 older system tills sitting in my garage at home and like… who would buy that?

And finally, what is your favourite thing about posBoss?

You guys. The support. You answered all my questions honestly and quickly. When I compared the product to a product - or the service to a service, what I never had was the personal level or even the communication coming that instantly from another company. I think posBoss is awesome - you guys have your live support - and everything is quite instantly fixed. Like I can do most of the stuff straight away.

From a day to day perspective it has also really sped things up for us in the cafe. The interface is very user-friendly, and most things can be done in 3 taps (or sometimes even in one swipe).

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