Bustle used to be posBoss. Find out about the change.

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New Zealand




We built Bustle because there was nothing quite right for us.

Bustle began 10 years ago in a Wellington coffee shop and cocktail bar. When we tried to find a POS for our size and needs and just couldn’t. Everything was too big, too corporate, too old, too shit. So we set out to make software our team would love to use and that could help us run a better business. We’ve built Bustle today in partnership with our customers and are proud to be part of the hospitality world.

Our History

We’ve run successful cafes & restaurants

Roxy Cinema and Coco Restaurant


CGR Merchant & CO


Cuckoo Cocktail Emporium


Hawthorn Lounge
Co- Owner


Matterhorn Wellington
General Manager

2013 - 2016

New Zealand Festival of the Arts Festival Tent
F&B Manager


Fidel's Wellington
General Manager

2017 - 2021

How we work for our operators

Three tap philosophy

There is a key philosophy behind how we build features at Bustle and we call it 'Three Taps' - Select, Order & Pay. 'Three Taps' is what Bustle Till solution was built on and it has become a foundation to how we address all new features. When you experience the simplicity and speed of our products, you will wonder why you didn't swap earlier.

Listen, clarify then build

When you choose Bustle, you choose to be part of a growing community of independent hospitality operators who are passionate, ambitious and risk takers. We know first hand that opening a hospitality business is not easy but by keeping a good understanding of your numbers, costs and most importantly your profit, we can share plenty more good times together.

Respected by our industry

It means a lot to us that you truly do enjoy using our solution and feel that you are getting far more than what you are paying for. Therefore if you ever feel that Bustle is not right for you, we will support you as you find the solution that best suit you and your business dreams.

Continuous community improvement

We believe that the best way we can create a stronger industry of successful operators is to listen, watch and communicate to our customers on what problems are keeping them from delivering the good times. That way we focus on delivering solutions that solve everyday problems that you face. No bots on support. Only experienced hospitality workers who are always keen to hear your ideas.